The current study investigate the use of satellite image data and their potential to detect and determine the flood areas of Lake Al- Tharthar ( Eastern region of Iraq)), by using of the satellite image data ,such as Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) from the Aqua MODIS Satellite during the period of 7 days (29 Jan. to 6 Feb. 2006) , by using a pattern of software to identification and classification of land uses of the studied area, also identify the Ratios of quantitative amounts flood levels during the period proposed as well as giving a pattern or style proposal for the future of flood control lake.
The data which can be obtained from the satellite Aqua MODIS of the studied area gave a good accuracy in a style or system for tracking facilities for the flood wave with the time, during the period of active flood, and thus give the calculated values of the water filled the lake with time, we used a pattern of software (ISMIC) Integrated Software Multispectral Image Classification ver. 1.0 , at Which represents one of the most current programs used in digital image processing, the studied area were Classified into six main group and estimate the flooded areas during this period .
Key words: Al-Tharthar Reservoir -Wealth of water – Satellite Images - Classification of Land use – and Flood Levels.