The goal of this paper is to prepare a field study for one of the famous weaving companies in Mosul, so that arranging at the end a Total Quality Management System (T Q M) system .This company is famous in producing one of the important national product YASHMAG, the head cover for men wearied in most of the regions of Iraq.
This company (like other industrial companies)suffer from a lot of problems due to circumstances in Iraq, as a result there products will accumulated in their stores, also there is a great compotation from the similar products in the market, which imported to Iraq from different places with different qualities..
In order to make a T Q M system , the study starts by collecting production data for a group of weaving labor how produce Yashmag and for a certain period of time, then analysis of these data using Pareto chart ,Ishikawa chart and Cause Analysis and Process Analysis chart.
This work could be a first step towards making T Q M system for this company in order to keep the company stand still against the great compations of similar products of Yashmag in the market.
Key words : Total Quality System, Weaving Companies ,Yashmag