High-technology is considered one of the most features of the modern era, and one of the most influential factors of architecture creativity. Research problem centered on the phenomenon of transferring technology to the Arab and Muslim nations, and their impact on the creativity of contemporary architecture. Research aim is to study the phenomenon, and tries to investigate shifting from the concept of transferring to the concept of setting and production, reaching to indicators for the development of technological reaction in the Arab countries. The research is divided into three investigations, first is concerned with (theoretical construction) to study the transfer of technological contracts, and clarify the role of technology in the architecture of Arab countries. The second (analysis and results) analysis of the theoretical construction reaching to the core results, and confirms the idea that the process of transmitting technology can not be fulfilled with out the presence of local system. The third studies models of Arab architectural projects. Research founds for the first time in analyzing the contracts of transferring technology depending on the platform technology, at last the search ended by set of conclusions which sings in question, and indicators designed to achieve creativity and rise Arab civilization