The aim of this research work is to judge whether the inclusion of different influencing parameters on some concrete characteristics have been justified and materialized in four methods of mix design namely ACI , D.O.E , Murdock & the Basic, These were used to design mixes of a given workability ( a slump of 75- 90 mm ) at four strength levels 20 , 30 ,35 ,&40 MPa , the results indicated that at a random strength of 30 MPa :
1. CI method: highest cement content, lowest w/c ratio, lowest gravel content.
2. D.O.E method: second highest cement content, second richest mix, second lowest w/c ratio.
3. Murdock method: highest sand content, lowest water content, low cement content.
4. Basic method: lowest cement content, lowest sand content, highest gravel content, and leanest mix.
Keywords: Mix design, Influencing parameters, ACI, D.O.E, Murdock, and Basic.