The present research is to study the water balance for Aziziya Evaporating Pond (AEP) project by building a simulation model to evaluate its hydraulic performance under different scenarios of operation and to estimate the expected discharge of its spillway, which gives the design discharge for the main drain of AEP.
The study revealed that the operation process of the pond is a balance among inflow , storage and released water. Furthermore, when the steady state condition is achieved, various operating scenarios lead to the same result, therefore, the decision maker must take the appropriate decision for implementation.
The study also showed that the maximum expected discharge during any month of the year is when the crest elevation of the spillway is (21.5) m , after reaching the steady state condition during the third year of operation , is about (16) m3 /sec. Furthermore, changing the elevation of the crest to (23.3 m) is associated with a zero discharge over the spillway.
The research work revealed the remarkable capability of SIMULINK techniques used to built the simulation model for AEP and the flexibility in accepting any change in the model components in addition to its high speed of execution.
Keywords: Simulation, Reservoir Operation, Simulink