This study deals with the effect of two methods of compaction (static compaction (S.C.) and dynamic compaction (D.C.)), on the engineering properties of high plasticity clayey soil (CH) selected from Mosul city.
Results showed that maximum dry density of soil compacted by static method is higher than that compacted by dynamic method. But the inverse was obtained for optimum moisture content. Unconfined compressive strength, effective shear strength parameters (ć, ǿ), splitting and California Bearing Ratio (CBR) for soil compacted by dynamic method has higher values than that compacted by static method.
Swelling pressure and free swell tests gave higher values under static compaction method. But the values of compression index and coefficient of consolidation using dynamic compaction method gave higher values.
On the other hand, the results of crumb, slackening and pinhole tests showed that the internal erosion of soil compacted by dynamic method are less than that compacted by static method. From filter paper method and soil water characteristic curves showed that compaction methods had no effect on soil suction. Finally, statistical models between engineering properties for soil compacting by two methods were obtained.