Architecture is considered as a language during he last four decades, contemporary studies had presented this trend through different approaches which delt primarily with meaning and signs as semantic expressions in all events. In Mosul, it has emerged in reactions concentrating on architecture relating to continuity and links with social structures which represent the vessel that contains human culture. Hence, there was a strong need to verify various methods and strategies that extent the space surrounding continuity context.
The paper discusses the importance of utilization of implicit symbol concentrating on the architectural reality, in order to explore the particular problem which has been represented as lack of clarity of utilization of implicit symbol in Mosul architecture. Thus, the objective of the paper has been formed and method has been specifies by building theoretical framework consisting of four main items of detailed theoretical field as the following: (what implicit symbol is?, implicit symbol utilization, implicit symbol characteristics and implicit symbol aims). Specify utilization of implicit symbol in architecture firstly, then the application of one of the main items (implicit symbol creation utilization) trends through Mosul architecture secondly, concluding the forms of implicit symbol thirdly.
Finally, conclusions have declared the importance of the role of utilization of implicit symbol in works of Mosul architecture by using many strategies.
Key words: utilization of implicit symbol, Mosul Architecture