In this paper, the finite element method is used to study the nonlinear behaviour of beam-column fibrous reinforced concrete joints under short–term monotonic loading. Concrete is represented by eight nodded isoparametric elements and the reinforcement was represented by axial two noded bar elements embedded in the concrete elements. Strain hardening approach, has been employed to model the compressive behavior of the fibrous concrete. In tension a continuous function is used to model fibrous concrete in the pre-peak and post – peak states. Material nonlinearities due to cracking of concrete, crushing of concrete in compression, debonding and pull – out of fibers and yielding of reinforcement have been taken into account. A smeared fixed crack approach of the cracked concrete in tension is assumed. An incremental – iterative scheme based on Newton – Raphson’s method is employed for the nonlinear solution algorithm and a displacement criterion is adopted for checking the convergence of the solution. Several previously published test results for fiber reinforced concrete beam-column joints were analyzed and the numerical results showed good agreement with the published experimental results.

Keywords: Beam, Column, Fibrous concrete, Finite element, Joint, Nonlinear analysis.