The architectural literatures dealt with plot as a tool to create the architectural text , using it as a mean of giving order , selecting , sequencing or developing images in the design process as it is connected with the intertextual texts or texts that telling stories and representing events.
It is a plan to create an architectural product and to map out the structure of design process and the harmonically consequences of its steps.
It works in two levels : the conceptual structure and the formal one.
The research dealt with a temporal sequence of events and the representation of time in spatial form , it focused on the single point in time or “ frozen moment “ common to realism , photography, or even the ordinary genre scenic frames one episode while implying what went before and what will follow.The study results comes up with new characteristics and values for the single point in time and the conclusions showed that this strategy contains in some of its parts the strategy of linear consequences that links a series of individual episodes into linear sequences and it determined the specific differences between them.

Key word : plot, temporal patterns of events, sequence of events, structure of events, architectural Narrative.