In this paper a new algorithm has been developed to enhance spatial structure by using texture feature extraction. Then, this algorithm has been programmed and an integrated program has been prepared by using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. In order to ascertain the usefulness of this algorithm, it has been applied in two groups of images, the first group consisted of three images of different feature. The results have been evident enhancement in spatial; structure. The second group of images consisted of multi-spectral images taken by Thematic Mapper (TM) in the city of Mosul. The results of this algorithm have been used in the classification.
The measurement of classification accuracy of the results of this algorithm compared with the original images which have not undergone any spatial structure enhancement revealed that this algorithm executed the process of texture feature extraction excellently. Further, the results were clear in the barren areas, Agricultural fields and the other areas as well.
Keywords: texture feature extraction, Spatial filter , Classification