Due to unlimited expansion of mobile communication devices,a rapid increase in the exposure of people to radio frequency radiation has occurred which in turn resulted in many questions regarding the possibility of hazardous effects of these fields.
Although mobile phones are low-power transmitters but they are used close to the user’s head.
In this paper, the specific absorption rate of the electromagnetic energy absorbed in human tissues is examined for partial exposure and inter-related to current radiation safety standards. Simulation of specific absorption rate of electromagnetic power absorption in human head is carried out for mobile phones of different antennas using CST-microwave studio package.
The results showed that maximum permissible exposure limits for “Safe Exposure” set by FCC are not reached. However these limits are set on thermal basis and reflect the present understanding of these fields, which are considered to be non-harmful for humans. On the other hand there are complains from using mobile phones which suggests non-thermal effect may exist. Further research in this area is needed to reach clear evidence that existing safety guidelines govering exposure of the public to the radiation employed in mobile telephony are adequate.