Ornament is considered one of the significant concepts in the recent architectural thought , it has emerged clearly as a mean of creating the highest levels of beauty in Architecture ,especially in late-modernisim and post-modernisim as a reactiom towards the problems of modernity connecting with the creating ornamental productions as well as what is known about modernity from rejecting ornamentation . The paper has discussed the importance of the concept concentrating on a well-known realism about ornamentation in the architectural reality, in order to explore the particular problem which has been represented as (the ornament in modern movement).
Thus the problem of the paper has been formed and its objective and method has been limited, by building a comprehensive and theoretical framework consisting three main items of detailed theoretical field as the following : (intellectual attitudes related with ornament, means and methods of creating ornament and aims of ornament) which limit the concept in Architecture, firstly, then the application of the items on selected architectural trends through modernity like Corbusier and Mies, secondly, at last concluding the particularity of ornament in modern movement, thirdly.
Conclusions have been contradicted with the familiar expression of modernity rejection to ornament, and it has been clear that modernists used ornaments in their projects but in a new style, and modernists ornaments were considered as symbols through architectural form expressing their era.

Keywords: Ornamentation, decoration, adornment, embellishment in architecture