Architecture of place is a preposition presented in the modern architectural trends, especially in post-modernisim as a reaction against modern architecture and its planning ideology of architectural unity. New trends were emerged concentrating on architecture related to place. As in Iraq. The paper discusses the importance of this subject, in order to explore the particular problem which has been represented as (lack of clarity of architecture of place in Iraqi contemporary architecture 1960-1980).
Thus the objectives of the paper has been formed and method has been specified by building theoretical framework consisting of two main items as the following: (Responses and considerations relating to architecture of place), firstly, then the application of the cultural considerations on selected architectural trends through Iraqi contemporary architecture (1960-1980), secondly, finally, concluding paradigms of dealing with context of place, thirdly.
Coclusions have been declared the importance of the role of place in works of Iraqi architects during sixties and seventies concentrating on the strong relationship between the place with its natural and cultural considerations, on one hand, and the product (building) and the human being who inhabits it, on the other hand.

Keywords: Architecture of place, Iraqi contemporary architects, Context of place.