The research focuses on the use of ordinary and burnt alum to remove the
light turbidity (10 NTU) and reduces the medium ones (75NTU) by adding of
different doses of ordinary alum Al2(SO4)3.16H2O and compare the results with
these obtained from the burned alum at varying temperatures (200, 300, 400, 500,
600) C0.
Jar test is used to find the change in the water characteristics of turbidity, pH, EC
at the conditions. The study revealed that 10mg/l of burnt alum at 200Co and more
give, final turbidity of about (2NTU), while it gives NTU between (7-8) in the
case of using ordinal alum in removing of the light turbidity of (10NTU). In the
case of reduction of the medium turbidity it find that 10mg/l of burned alum at
200Co reduces the final turbidity to about (3NTU).
It appears also that the alum consumption is about 14% in case of using burnt
alum as compared with the ordinary alum especially in reducing of the medium
turbidity to 5NTU.
key word (burnt alum, remove the light turbidity, Jar test)