The monitoring of water quality produced for drinking is one of the most
important study in order to evaluate the suitability of water for human
consumption also to evaluate efficiencies of treatment water plants and water
distribution system especially in the present situation of the country. This study
focusing on the quality of drinking water used by student in some schools at
Mosul city. Where 17 schools had been selected through the city. main
chemical and physical analysis had been done on these samples in addition to
the total bacteria count, the study revealed that the water quality of the studied
schools was within the standards of drinking water. A negative result were
appeared for total bacteria count in one sample, only seem to be an indication
of a new case of pollution with bacteria, this might be due to the water supply
network, fortunately the result were within the Iraqi standards for drinking
Key words: Water quality, Drinking water, Schools, Iraq, Mosul, Blockade,
Water Supply.