ABSTRACT: In this chapter the various kinds of charge storage cells are discussed
as a result of examining many samples with different structures. The C-V, I-V and R-V
measurements of the structures confirm the memorization capability of MIOS devices.
The examined structures reveal three kinds of memory actions. The first one is the
charge storage capability which can be shown through (C-V) curve shifting as the device
was exposed to certain stress for a certain time. The second is the electronic switching
that is demonstrated by the fact that the switching between ON and OFF states and
back to original state can only be obtained by inverting the polarity of the applied bias
voltage. The third kind of memorization action is that the device can be switched into a
variety of stable intermediate resistance states. The new resistance state is determined
by the height of the programming pulse applied to the device. This memory action is
noticed from R-V characteristic and known as a nonvolatile analogue memory behavio