In this research an evaluation of the ground water quality at the area located on
both sides of Tigris river in Mosul city. Where thirty wells were had been chosen and
water samples were taken monthly for chemical and physical tests (pH، temperature،
Ec، COD & BOD)، from each well for period from October 2001 to May 2002.
Coliform bacteria test were done for all wells during November and February. The
computer program Surfer 32 is used for preparing a topographic map and contour
maps depending on the data obtained. For the evaluation of ground water quality a
computer program in( Visual BASIC) were made to analyze the collected data.
The result of this research shows that the ground water are polluted with coliform
bacteria, it means that the ground water polluted by recharging sewage water.There is
a high concentrations of salts and organic material in the ground water.Also the results
of the analysis showed that the quality of the ground water were improved during the
period of the raining season