The present investigation considers the effect of steel fibers content and
the combined effect of rice husk ash (RHA) and high range water reducing agent
(HRWRA) on the mechanical properties of the produced matrix. The
experimental results showed the using steel fibers in High-performance concrete
led to a considerable improvement in mechanical properties of concrete. The
results exhibited that the addition of steel fibers to high performance concrete up
to 1% with 6% (HRWRA) and 8% (RHA) as a partial replacement by weight of
cement, increases the compressive strength significantly. Also, the results showed
that the addition of 1.5% steel fibers with 6% (HRWRA) and 8% (RHA) increases
the splitting and flexural strengths significant. At 28 days, the compressive,
splitting and flexural strengths were increased to 11.57%, 63.86%, and 32.93%
more than High performance concrete without steel fibers, respectively.
Key words: Concrete, Mechanical properties, High performance concrete,
Strength, Admixtures