Longitudinal and radial stresses in a M.V. and H.V. cables through terminals
are computed using Schwarz Christoffel transformation for field sketching.
The terminals and associated cable are rated at 11KV, 33KV and 132KV a.c
insulated by cross–linked polyethylene (XLPE). The electrical field sketching at the
cable terminations is carried out theoretically and the results are confirmed by
It seems that the maximum stresses occurs in the cable insulation and the
maximum longitudinal stresses along the screened outer surface of the cross-linked
polyethylene (XLPE) insulation occurs between the cable and the termination center.
The results show that the maximum longitudinal stress is many times the
oncorrespding maximum radial values.
Key Words: Stress distribution for XLPE cable, Termination of XLPE cables