Steady free convection through a porous medium around a rectangular isothermal
body has been numerically investigated. The isothermal body is kept at constant low
temperature and the porous medium has an impermeable rectangular boundaries. The cavity
wall of porous material has a constant high temperature.
The full governing equations (momentum an energy equation) have been solved for
range of values of the governing parameters by using the finite difference method and
covered a wide range of modified Rayleigh number (Ra) (0-500) with different sizes of
isothermal body. Results are presented in terms of the streamlines and isotherms to show the
behavior of the flow and temperature fields. This study shows that the Nusselt number (Nu)
is a strong function of the modified Rayleigh number, the isothermal body size and boundary
conditions. For certain range of Ra, the rate of heat transfer decreases when the flow divided
into primary and secondary cells