In this work, a control system for positioning and stabilizing a massive
inertial system subjected to continuous disturbances, which represents the
oscillatory motion of the base, is investigated. A hydraulic system is proposed and
simulation is used to select and test the effect of different parameters of the
hydraulic parts, particularly those of the electro – hydraulic servo valve, at
different values of the supply pressure of the hydraulic fluid.
The inertial system dynamics and the hydraulic parts are mathematically
modeled and simulated by digital computer using (MatLab). The dynamic
characteristics of the control system, such as the stability and the time response in
addition to the ability of the system to reduce the effect of the external
disturbances are examined. The results show that the control system is capable of
reducing these effects between (70% to 90%) depending on the supply pressure of
the hydraulic system and the frequency of the external disturbances. In addition,
the effect of using pressure limit valve in the hydraulic system and that of the
presence of dry friction of a relatively high value, are investigated.
Keywords: position control, hydraulic system, stabilization of inertial system,
Electro-Hydraulic Control