In the present research Thirty raw water samples were collected from kharazi wadi for further treatment , Those samples represent a mixture of (municipal ,irrigation and storm) sewage discharged directly to Tigris river north Mosul city .The Jar test technique was conducted to measure the variation of the main important characteristics of irrigation water . The treatment was carried out using bentonite clay as a coagulant compared with the treatment by sedimentation only. The results showed that the bentonite clay was more effective in removing :BOD, EC, TSS, Coliform bacteria and phytoplanktonic algae and max% removal recorded were (%51.43,%14.54) (%1.43,%0.95) (%72.22,%68.52) (%70.45,%47.20) (%53.33,%14.70) respectively ,The result indicated also that the reclamation of Kharazi Wady sewage was according to WHO standard for irrigation pwposes.