Investigations were carried out to study the corrosion behavior of unprotected and protected low carbon steel using carburizing and hard chrome plating in different concentrations of H2SO4 and HCL solutions. Weight loss method was used for estimation the corrosion rate in the current study.
Theresults show that protected low carbon steels samples by hard chrome platinghad better corrosion resistant (less corrosion rate) than unprotected and carburized low carbon steel samples. Also, the corrosion rate increaseswith increasing acid concentration from (1 to 5)M. for both types of acid used. The corrosion rate of low carbon steel in acid environments indicate that the hydrochloric acidsolution was more corrosive media thanthat of sulphuric acid solutionunderthe same conditions.

Keywords:Corrosion rate;Acid environments;Low Carbon Steel;weight loss method.