Present study aims mainly to conduct the behavior of composite beams strengthened with carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) as they subjected to repeated loads. It investigates the enhancement of load capacity up to failure and the reduction in transverse deflection at the ends of composite beam as affected by (CFRP) strengthening. The following parameters were taken in to consideration in this paper. Location of (CFRP) along the composite beam, Wrapped length effect and effects the Number of (CFRP) layers. From test results it is obvious that (CFRP) is very active in increasing the load capacity by (36%) and reducing the mid span deflection by (56%) in addition to minimizing the slip at beam ends by (98%). Depending on the location, length and number of (CFRP) layers in to account.
Key words:- Composite beams, CFRP, Repeated loads and Slip.