Abstract This paper reports experimental data on the behavior and strength of high-strength concrete deep beams reinforced with shear reinforcement. Tests were conducted on eight reinforced concrete deep beams with stirrups in different type and positions using high-strength concrete (compressive strength of about 85.0 MPa). The beams measured 1400 mm long, 100 mm wide and 300 mm deep, and were tested under two point loads. The test variables were type and position of web reinforcements [Shear stress of vertical stirrups (vfy), Shear stress of horizontal stirrups (hfy) and Shear stress of inclined stirrups (αfy)] within shear span, within middle span(between two point loads) and along the beam. Conventional steel bars were used as longitudinal reinforcement in this investigation. The test results indicated that beams with vertical and inclined shear reinforcement within the shear span (B4) resisting the ultimate load of about 417.90kN. While beams with horizontal shear reinforcement (B3), shear reinforcement between two point loads (B7), and the beam without shear reinforcement (B8) resisting, 255.77, 260.18 and 250.55kN respectively. All the beams failed in shear and the optimum position of stirrups is the shear span for high strength concrete deep beams and with combination of vertical and inclined stirrups.
Keywords: Concrete; Deep beams; High strength; Position; Shear; Stirrups.