An experiment study on removal of organics by using Fenton's reagents has been introduced. The effect of operating conditions such as pH, reaction time, H2O2 to Fe(II) ratio (W/W), on the efficiency of Fenton process was investigated. The monitored sample taken from wastewater of Ibn Al-Atheer Hospital in Mosul city, has its concentrations of COD and BOD5, about 663 and 150 mg/l respectively. The oxidation of organic materials in the wastewater is pH dependent and the optimum pH was 3.0. The favorable H2O2:Fe(II) ratio was 1.2:1, and the COD removal rate increased with the increase of Fenton dosage at the favorable H2O2:Fe(II) ratio. The removal efficiency of COD became 93% and improved the biodegradability of wastewater from 0.226 of influent to 0.618 of effluent.
Keywords: Fenton, hospital wastewater, organic materia