Main landing gear is important part in aircraft, its help the aircraft to takeoff
,landing, and taxing in the ground .This part subject to high stress at landing due to
impact, there are two important force act on landing gear during touch, Normal force
and a spin-up back force .Normal Force is a great force that act on landing gear and its
generate due to Normal impact and its cause to bend landing gear to up , this force can
be calculated form Newton second law, and the spin-up back force generated at touch
when the tire not rotate causing the landing gear leg to bend to backward the value of
this value can be assumed equals to 0.5 from the normal force. In this study this forces
type are considered to make stress analysis of the landing gear for Cessna 152 during
touchdown time, after that three model are considered to reduce value of stress on this
landing gear by keeping the dimension and material as on original model and making
positive curves on the landing gear leg, and shown that when making the positive curve
this will reduce the value of the stress and deflection on the landing gear depending on
the principle of bending moment in the beams.