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Prof. Dr. Kamel Ali Abd Al-Mohseen Prof. Dr. Kamel Ali Abd Al-Mohseen
Department of Dams & Water Resource Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq.
Specialty: Water Resource Systems Engineering
Email Address: k.almohseen[at]uomosul.edu.iq
Phone: +9647714886620

Prof. Dr. Kamel Ali Abd Al-Mohseen



B.Sc. -Irrigation Engineering-1981- Mosul University, M.Sc. - Water Resources Engineering-Mosul University-1987, Ph.D. , Civil Engineering Department - Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi IIT-Delhi, India-2003, Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Endeavour-2006 Award, Griffith University– Australia– 2006,Visiting Scholar, 2010, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Visiting Scholar, Fulbright Fellowships  , 2011, Michigan State University, USA, Visiting Scholar, 2013, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI),Davis-California, USA.

Employment History                                                                               

June, 2018 - Acting Dean- College of Engineering -Mosul Univ.-IRAQ.                 July, 2011-2018   Professor and Head , Dams and Water Resources Engg.           Dept..- College of Engineering - Mosul University

Research Interest

Hydrological Modelling, Stochastic Modelling, Optimization, Simulation & Water resources systems Modelling and Management. Multi-objective Modelling and Conflict Analysis in Water Resources Systems.

Higher Degree Candidates Supervised

3 Ph.D. Scholars + 12 M.Sc. students.

Publications: 32 published papers

Scientific Conferences: 8

Consultants &  Projects       

Sammura regulator model. Engineering Consulting Bureau/UoM (MUECB).1989.   Contributing in studying the rainfall accumulation at UoM. site and suggest solutions for such problem.1991.Consulting Engineer at Badush Dam Project. Operation Model for Azizya Pond using Simulink, August,2005. Locating operation level intake for Dibis Gas Power Station on  Lower Zab River, 2006.Development of Shiwish water supply station, Biji,2009. Developing a Physical (Hydraulic) Model for studying the sediment accumulation at the Intake of North Jezera Irrigation Project pumping Station, 2010. Participating in "Plan for Spatial Development of Nineveh Province up to the Year 2020".Ministry of Development, Iraq.